Addressing Withdrawal with Patients: Jackie's First Day Smokefree

Some withdrawal symptoms can appear within four hours after a patient’s last cigarette and may continue for several weeks. Although they usually fade over time, these symptoms can still be discouraging for the patient. What’s more, wanting to escape from some nicotine withdrawal symptoms can cause patients to relapse and start smoking again.1 By addressing nicotine withdrawal, a healthcare provider can better prepare a patient for his or her quit attempt.   

In this video, watch a day from a patient’s perspective, as Jackie follows the care plan and recommendations discussed with her healthcare provider, the narrator. Recognize the moments when it’s most difficult for the patient to stick to her goal of quitting smoking, and think about the advice and recommendations you may be able to give your patients to help them overcome nicotine withdrawal. Notice how the "cigarettes avoided" counter updates both after the tough moments displayed in the video, and throughout her day as a whole.

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