Motivational Interviewing: Part 1

One method providers can use to have more successful quitting conversations is “Motivational Interviewing.” It’s a collaborative, patient-focused conversation style for strengthening a person’s own motivation and confidence about making behavioral changes, such as quitting smoking.The aim of motivational interviewing is to help the healthcare provider be a guide for the patient as they explore why and how they might make a change in their health-related behaviors.

This two-part video series is meant to serve as a starting point and guide, so you can evaluate your own conversation style and determine where you can and should incorporate motivational interviewing techniques.

This video reviews principles and skills of motivational interviewing that could lead to a more productive conversation about quitting smoking. The second video shows a motivational interviewing-led conversation about cessation between a patient and healthcare provider.

As you watch these videos, think about how you could incorporate motivational interviewing in your own practice.


1. Miller and Rollnick Motivational Interviewing Third Edition

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